What’s involved in the session

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  • Objectives: We determine exactly what objectives you want to achieve;
  • Psychometrics: You will be given a comprehensive psychometric test to see how you think, feel and act. This will determine the best coaching approach to use;
  • Deep Insight: We go deep and discover your unhelpful behaviours, limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles and work on them;
  • Action: We transform insights into actions and build a strategy to get you achieve your objectives;
  • Accountability: We keep you accountable between sessions ensuring that you complete growth tasks and assignments. 

All programmes include:

  • Personalisation: a tailored programme to you and your goals – 1 hour session once a week
  • Transformation: provide you with the tools to understand your limiting beliefs
  • Action: growth actions set after sessions to help move you forward
  • Flexibility: sessions (F2F or online) that fit with your lifestyle and schedule
  • Rapid Insights: Discover weaknesses and strengths of your persona with psychometric testing
  • Accountability: 10-minute Phone Check-ins to keep you on track and motivated and support via email and whatsapp 

Areas of expertise

  • Career direction – change – and planning 
  • Unlocking Creativity
  • Self-esteem & confidence 
  • Leadership development
  • Procrastination & perfectionism
  • Anxiety and stress management 
  • Social media detoxing
  • Work-life balance and well-being
  • Relationships with yourself and others
  • Building personal brand and reputation 
  • Self-entrepreneurship